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Business Boost Bundle

Registration: August 8 - August 26

Bundle Event Starts: August 22 at 8:00am EDT

Bundle Event Ends: August 26 at 8:00pm EDT

$6000+ of products in 2 bundles picked just for business-owning moms

to help you kickstart your fall business plans.

Choose from

2 Product Bundles!

Lunchbox Bundle


100% Free

just for registering

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Backpack Bundle


$5000+ premium products

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Business Boost Bundle

Whew! This bundle is closed.

We're recovering and working out the

details for the next bundle!

How do you feel once school finally starts?

Amazed - Summer flew by!

Excited - I'm ready to kickstart my business for fall!

Relieved - I have a bazillion things to do!

Woohoo - a moment or two to do things for myself!

Worried - the start of school means a billion things to buy...

Panicked - I'd better get my business in gear quick!

Overwhelmed - I've put off too much over the summer...

It's a lot, isn't it?

Want a little help?

I love having my kiddo home over the summer break. We have a blast and fill our time with trips and activities.

But, it's seriously tough to get any work done or have any time for myself. Before you know it, we're into fall, and I feel so overwhelmed & behind in my work.

This year, let's do it differently. Let's celebrate the time we have now that kids are heading back to school!

To celebrate & get you back into the swing of things, I've gathered helpful products from A-MAZ-ING creators and put them into 2 packages, or bundles. The bundles include digital products, courses, trainings, templates and workshops all to help you save time and streamline your business.

One bundle, the Lunchbox, is 100% free for you - a gift to all business-owning moms. Just register and you'll get access on August 22.

And the other bundle, the Backpack, has even more value, and you can check it out & decide if it's for you after you register.

What kind of help?

  • Overcome overwhelm with clear guidance from workbooks and planners
  • Conquer your design stress with templates for fonts, web pages, and social graphics
  • Harness your tiny bits of time with secrets from other successful business-owning moms
  • Tackle your social posting & email marketing in a way that doesn't push you over the edge
  • Care for your family without ignoring yourself
  • Master your mindset so you don't sabotage your own success
  • Finally stop neglecting your own health with meal and exercise plans

How does this work?


Get yourself registered for the event by clicking on one of the purple buttons & enter your name and email address. You'll get emails about the events happening, an invitation to the FB group, info & about the free products.

Most importantly, you'll get an email on August 22 with access to the products in your bundle!

August 22 - Shop!

You'll get an email on August 22 about how to shop your product bundle!

Take a look at all the products in the bundle you picked and select the ones that are going to be helpful RIGHT NOW.

Make note of the coupon code if there's one by the product, then click the link. You'll opt-in on the contributor's website and enter the coupon (if applicable) to get your free product.

Kick Ass This Fall!

Use the resources you pick up to organize your business, get your social media in order, work with dream clients, and have time for yourself and your family!

Use these helpful resources to take control!

And, remember, you can still get the Backpack Bundle during the event, but it will be full price.

So if you're interested, the best deal is now, when you register.

Register Now!

Lunchbox Bundle

$0 - FREE!

25+ products inside

Each valued between $7 and $99

Total value more than $1100!

All 100% free for you, just for registering!

Backpack Bundle

$197 $49

18+ premium products inside (still growing!)

Each valued at $100 or more

Also includes all Lunchbox products

Total value more than $6000!

Don't forget: When you register for a bundle, you're registering for info on the Back-to-School Business Boost Bundle event. You will have to sign up individually for each of the products you want from your bundle. They will be available for sign-up August 22 - 26. After the 26th at 8:00pm EDT, they're gone, even if you haven't claimed something yet.

Bundle Contributors

These brilliant contributors are listed in no particular order.

Under each name, you can see the products each person has contributed.

Indigo-colored title? These products are in the free bundle, the Lunchbox.

Black-colored title? These products are in the premium bundle, the Backpack.

Kate Smith

Lunchbox Bundle - 5-Star Clients Only

Backpack Bundle - Speedy Content Creation

Hi, I'm Kate Smith and I'm so excited to be hosting this event!

I blog over at hellokatesmith.com & I created the Done by 3:00 Workday coaching program to help business-owning moms save 10+ hours each week and create steady cash flow.

This Back-to-School Business Boost Bundle is a way to help moms jumpstart their fall now that they have a little time to work!

Kristina Romero

Kristina Romero

Building Business Basics for WFH Moms Workshop

Crafting the Care Plan Course

Tammie Polk

Girl, Go Eat A COOKIE! book

Julie Blomsterberg

Hiring Simplified: How to decide what YOU really need

Hiring Simplified Live Workshop

Rebekah Lara

Kristina Romero

The Ultimate Business Organizer Bundle in Airtable

Save Your Sanity (course)

Ashlyn Carter

The Copy Bank Kit

Business Basics Email Template Collection

Lynnette LaRoche

Project Management on Steroids Workbook

Project Management on Steroids Webinar

Seema Pateel

Kristina Romero

4 Weeks to Your Sold Out Offer

Leverage Content to Get Booked Out

Lani Jackson

How to find and attract your ideal client with Relationship Marketing

The Profitable M.O.M. System

Stephanie McLarty

Growing an Engaged + Profitable Facebook Group

Grow your Facebook Group through a Signature Series

Melissa Miller

Kristina Romero

Ultimate Caregiver Organizer

Jude Love

From Ho-Hum to Hell-Yeah! your Home Page video step-through

Website pages, posts, and newsletter template bundle

Anna Wright

Naptime Blogging 101

Constructive Criticism Workshop

Kare Maryn

Kristina Romero

Kid-Friendly Recipe Bundle

Beyond-Basic Meal Plans

Dawn Richardson

Tech, Tools & Time Management Workbook

LaCresha Sims

The Productive Mom's Toolkit

Sibongile Vilakati

Kristina Romero

Immunity Support Recipe Pack

2 months pass into Lioness' monthly recipe pack subscription

Amy Jo

Course Creation Template Vault

Sonia Motwani

Tame your Temper - Anger Journaling workshop + exclusive journal

Cat Griffin

Kristina Romero

Grow Your Audience Through Power Collaborations

The Ultimate IG Resource Kit

Beth Auguste

5 Day Food, Fitness and Mindset Refresh

The 30 Day Refresh

Charisse Merrill

Time Saving Pin Templates Bundle

Pinterest Organic Growth Academy 2.0

Jessica McCarty

Kristina Romero

Clarity & Alignment Journal

Madhavi Shapeti

The PlanIt Bundle

The GoaIIt Bundle

Like a Mother

Kristina Romero

Time Management Guide

Leads Like a Mother Membership, 3-months

Kimberly Simons

Kristina Romero

Thy Sister's Keeper "Goals In Alignment" Planner (Digital)

"Prepare Your Life For Abundance" Workbook (Digital)

Michelle Pontvert

Build With Me 5 day Squarespace website mini course

SEO Keyword Planner

Mayu Sharma

Stop Taking 10 Days To Make A Decision - Workshop

Take Your Weekends Back Course


  • How does this work again? We've gather products from lots of contributors (see above!). We've put them into 2 bundles. One is free for you, the Lunchbox. The other is offered at a crazy discount, the Backpack. Register for the free Lunchbox bundle, and between August 22-26 you can claim the products in the bundles. You will have later opportunities to purchase the Backpack bundle.

  • Will I have to pay for individual products? No, when you're claiming products from the "mall" page, you will not need to pay to get the product between August 22, 8am - August 26 8pm(EDT). They only thing you have to pay for is the optional Backpack bundle for access to the premium products.

  • What will happen to my email address? When you register for the bundle, you'll be on a list for B2SBBB bundle information. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your address will not be given out to all the contributors. When you claim one of the products, your email address will be added to the list of that contributor only. You have control.

Register Now!

Lunchbox Bundle

$0 - FREE!

25+ products inside

Each valued between $7 and $99

Total value more than $1100!

All 100% free for you

Backpack Bundle

$197 $49

18+ premium products inside (still growing!)

Each valued at $100 or more

Also includes all Lunchbox products

Total value more than $6000!

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